Product Review: Magnet-ique Magmini Stealth

Producing goods manufactured, tested and developed in the UK.

New and innovative products seem to hit the fly fishing shops and magazines daily nowadays and despite claims of being the best thing since sliced bread, very rarely do such products live up to expectations.

We all know the storyline don’t we? A new product comes along claiming to do an old job better so we buy it. Then a few months later we realise these claims were false and we revert back into our old ways. The best products are the ones that solve a problem in the simplest way after all.

We all hate to lose flies, they cost us a lot of time and money to acquire. Losing them via poor casting or snags can be signed off in our minds as something as anglers we have just have to get used to.

But losing flies that you thought were safely stored on your fly patch, that hurts. Nothing feels more like throwing money away than flies constantly falling off a patch, sometimes before we’ve even had a chance to wet them.

Feeble attempts have been made over the years to resolve the issue. Wool patches made way to foam for instance, but still the same issue remained. In fact, as soon as barbless hooks picked up in popularity the problem became worse!

MagMini Stealth
The MagMini, in stealth colour-way which includes a black and a grey side.

A simpler and more effective solution had to be found and I’m pretty sure the people at Magnet-ique have done just that. It’s physics 101, metal sticks to magnets. Every time I look down at my MagMini I often wonder how it took so long for these things to come around. However, do not be fooled into believing that the MagMini is nothing more than the stuff that sticks to fridges!

Each MagMini comes with two ‘Magminis’. These are essentially two hour glass shaped trays that sit either side of a central piece of metal, known as a ‘Maghub’. This hub has a strong attachment point with a small, “marine grade stainless steel” carabiner included for attaching wherever and however you like.

The MagMini Stealth, with its black and grey Magminis, for those who like a more subtle finish.

As a long-time sucker for the hype behind new products, I examined the Magmini with vigorous scrutiny but struggled to find a fault. Despite looking so sleek and simple, every last purposeful element has been thought over carefully by it’s creators. For example, the magnets are high strength and can comfortably hold as many files as you can fit inside the smooth coated trays. The weight, a key factor in my decision to buy one, is relatively negligible for a product containing strong magnets. I happily swing it from my vest or sling-pack all day long and never notice it’s there until needed.

The MagMini on my sling pack. Notice it doing three purposes at once!

But what I love most about the MagMini stealth is how versatile they are. You can customise the lay out to suit you, to suit how you feel. On long, lazy fishing trips I’ll keep the whole thing together dangling from the carabiner and load up the days flies into the trays – saving me the constant digging around for fly boxes. However, if I’m on a serious stealth mission on a claustrophobic stream I can take the whole thing apart. Here I like to use a singular MagMini tray and trap it with the hub tightly in-between the webbing of my sling, no time for unwanted jingling or dangling here.

When I return home from a fishing trip, my MagMini Stealth comes inside with me. It is needed at the vice now. I use both Magminis at the same time when I’m tying. One holds all of my hooks and beads safely and securely, whilst the other I attach to the stem of my vice to hold the bobbin out of the way when I’m doing fiddly tasks like ribbing.

A safe place to store flies at the vice before they are placed into boxes.

Sure, you can get foam or wool patches cheaper than you can get a MagMini. But let’s see things logically here. These things are built to last. Wool becomes thin and pulled out over time and even foam patches get pulled apart and beaten up after constant use. The more wear and tear on foam or wool the less secure your flies become. You don’t have this problem with the MagMini. A quick wipe off of any excess water after a session and they’ll last you a lifetime, as effective as the day you purchased it.

Fly fishing is a tough old past time, it’s not a sport for the impatient or the feint-hearted. There’s so many things to observe and so much to focus on when we are at the waters edge, don’t let your stored flies be one of them.

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